Our work centres around designing and conducting research, training and building the capacity of future researchers in the areas of public health.
Ours is to:
I. Strengthen the region’s capacity to evaluate the effectiveness of health promotion programmes and public health interventions.
II. Stimulate and strengthen research and knowledge transfer focused on health promotion in communities
III. Develop capacity by providing unique training and education opportunities in health promotion for researchers, students, community members, policy-makers, and practitioners at all levels.


Our approach to research work in public health is multi-disciplinary. We have re-conceptualise research to move from the traditional display of data to a more translational approach. We look at health issues from various dimensions, ranging from the determinants to policy issues. This way, we believe, is the best strategy towards addressing any health problem. This centre also serves as a platform for communication and exchange of knowledge regarding global health challenges.

CHESRAD is essentially a co-ordination centre. We bring together researchers and sponsors to work on projects using best practices.

We have a database of investigators (clinicians, statisticians, public health scientists, laboratory scientists, sociologists, policy experts) who work collaboratively on each project. These experts are drawn from the region as well as from our global network of collaborating institutions and organisations.

Our sponsors are local, regional and global non-profit and international organisations. Considering our location, we are capable of undertaking research into a wide range of health issues, communicable, non-communicable diseases and trauma.

In CHESRAD, we welcome research proposals. Likewise, we work on calls as well as bespoke projects. Do contact us if you or your organisations has a project you would like us to discuss.

Training courses and Capacity building

Our range of programmes centre around: • Fellowship and exchange opportunities • Symposiums, seminars, and other research events • Supporting courses taught by CHESRAD’s affiliated faculty • Promoting new global public health programmes

CHESRAD offer continuing education courses that are designed to address policy development, planning programmes, evidence-based health care, basic public health sciences and research methods and analytics.

Training programmes take the form of seminars and workshops aimed at healthcare and non-healthcare personnel. The aim is to develop a pool of professionals who are capable of undertaking high quality and ethical research using best practices that are obtained globally. Click here to see the current training programmes that we offer. Please note that the list is constantly being updated. We welcome suggestions regarding future programmes.

We do offer bespoke training and capacity building programme for organisations too. Contact us for details about how we can work with or help your organisation in meeting its manpower development needs.


Through our various research and educational activities, we aim to
• Provide resources to inform and educate the media, government, multi-lateral agencies, the general public and private sector donors about local, regional and global health issues and solutions
• Cultivate innovative outreach and advocacy initiatives and events between CHESRAD and wider community
• Generate discussion and connect different interest groups to talk about solutions to various public health challenges

Support Our Work

At CHESRAD, we are determined to make the world a better place through our work. If you or your organisation share the same passion and aspirations, we will welcome your support to make this happen. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can help this cause.

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